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Tile Facts

To ensure your roof remains watertight, roof traffic should be kept to a minimum.
Below are some handy hints to minimise damage to your roof.

1. Only access your roof when absolutely necessary and observe safety requirements
2. Wear soft sole, non-slip footwear
3. Always be aware of weather and conditions, as tiles can be slippery
4. Extend your ladder at least 1 metre past the gutter and secure
5. Only step on the lower centre of roof tiles
6. Secure a walkway of plywood, ladders, planks etc. if heavy traffic is necessary
7. To remove objects from the roof. Use a long stick or rake where possible
8. Remove roof tiles by kicking the leading face of the overlapping tile towards the ridge
9. To avoid possible leaking keep all gutters and other plumbing channels free from debris or rubbish
10. When performing any maintenance to your roof, it is recommended that you consult a roofing specialist.